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I help ambitious millennial professionals find their dream careers.


Hey there!

I'm Dr. Jon Tam. I'm glad you're here!
I help ambitious millennial professionals who feel stuck, lost, and unfulfilled in their careers to gain career clarity using personality psychology. The result is finding a career that makes them feel fulfilled, valued, and inspired to meet their life goals.
I have a Ph.D. in the social sciences from the University of Oxford and I've developed a unique career strategy that helps people find a career path they love and transition into their new career. This means a lifetime of benefits without wasting time, money, and energy in jobs or degrees that drains your soul and bank account.

"This career matching is actually the most important first step for anyone who is serious about their career path. It's kind of like a ship having the right direction on the ocean, even if you're off by 1 degree, the problems will start adding up over time."

Software developer

Alice, Marketing Business Owner

"By working with Jon, I've gained much more clarity on my goals and how to approach my business. As a result, my revenue has gone up and I've also been able to establish a better work-life balance."

Alex, Software developer in career transition

"Jon showed me how my personality affected my work style and work performance, and offered concrete, practical strategies to make improvements."

Herman, Teacher in career transition

"You might have the credentials, knowledge, and experience but once you get started and you get to know him he will definitely have your best interests at heart."


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